The Volt Dropper is a Monovision creature in Iron Brigade.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

A Trench firing on a Volt Dropper.

Volt Droppers are the second Champion Monovisions encountered. They are large, flying creatures who make bombing runs on the objective. Flak Emplacements and Weapons are helpful in destroying this enemy. Sniper Weapons and Lasers are also good choices. Volt Droppers drop large amounts of Scrap and can also drop a Loot Box. The Loot Box is awarded automatically upon hitting the ground, but much of the Scrap often lands outside of the player's reach.

Survival[edit | edit source]

Because of their high movement speed, high damage, and large movement range, Volt Droppers are a large threat even in later levels of Survival when ground-based Monovisions are well-suppressed by Emplacements. The large movement range of a Volt Dropper almost neccessitates the use of Sniper Turrets for their large range and high damage. (Tip: Once that point of survival is reached, try placing sniper turrets in the rear of your defense so that the Volt Dropper is the first thing in their range. If other units walk or fly into sniper turret range, they will be targeted instead.)

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