The Boomerang
Type Artillery Cannon
Rank Requisite 17
Slots 3
Damage 375
Range 500
Fire Rate 2
Clip Size
Abilities Magnet+


A cannon that just won't quit, The Boomerang's magnetic shell won't be satisfied until it's made contact with hot Tube flesh.


Store: N/A

Mission: Survial Mode - Settlement (25)

Player NotesEdit

  • An artillery cannon that boasts tons of power from one shell as well as very powerful homing.
  • The magnet+ ability allows the fired shell to home onto enemies, however homes onto the enemy that first catches onto the magnet.
  • The magnet+ effect is so powerful, if there is an enemy close enough from behind, the cannon shell will reverse it's direction instantly and head for the closest target.
  • Since there is no specific time when the shell explodes, the shell will not stop until it hits something like an enemy, a wall, or the ground.
  • Effective against Volt Droppers only if there are no enemies around the player or enemies between the shell and the target. With practice, can become a very effecient weapon.