A Resistor getting up close and personal with a Trench.

The Resistor is a Monovision creature in Iron Brigade. They are the first enemies introduced to the player in the game, and are, initially, the most common of Vladimir Farnsworth's forces. A basic combat unit, the Resistor engages in close-combat using a tongue-like appendage that delivers high-voltage shocks - as well as the impact of the tendril itself. Whilst a basic and rather simplistic foe, Resistors are nonetheless a threat to your objectives. They also are the basis for two other Tubes; their bodies are the basis for the Tommy and the Blitzer.

Resistors emit a mechanical squealing when released from a Conduit. As primary attackers, Resistors charge directly towards the objective, ignoring enemy fire in order to try to get to the Objective to attack it ASAP. They will engage in combat against Emplacements or Mobile Trench units only as a last resort, and are generally poor fighters no matter what they attack, though a small group can actually do considerable damage if allowed to loiter near a critical objective.

As is the case for the Blitzer, Burst Transmitter, Jacob, and Tommy, four variants of Resistor exist. The first version is encountered during the European campaign; these are the weakest, doing the least damage and having the weakest armor. The second is the African-pattern Resistor, which has an angular head analogous to a Scarab Beetle's shell and can both deal and take considerably more damage. The third is the Pacific-pattern Resistor, which is stronger still, and has a wide, wedge-shaped head with a swept-back frill. The final one, encountered only in Rise of the Martian Bear is the Mars-pattern Resistor, which has a broad, anvil-shaped, swept-back head that gives it a notably more menacing profile. It is by far the strongest Resistor variant.

Tactics for DisposalEdit

Resistors rarely need special tactics; they are vulnerable to conventional weapons and emplacements alike, and only truly become threats when amassed in big groups or when backing up other forces, such as Tommys, Jacobs, or Burst Transmitter. Of note, however, they are the most durable form of medium-sized Tube, taking more to bring down than its counterparts, though the difference isn't enough to be particularly noticable.

Tactically, Jacobs are best-handled by high-firepower weapons, explosives, and clustered Machine Guns. If encountered in mixed groups, they are best left alone until other, more threatening Tubes are dealt with. Due to the threat they pose to objectives, however, they should still be considered a priority - if only a minor one. Emplacements are traditionally their best counter.


  • The "Resistor" is named for a piece of integrated circuitry which operates by "slowing down" electrical current, ergo "resisting" it. Their name is also a reference to their being a basic combat unit.

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