The Northern Pylon is a Monovision creature in Iron Brigade and is the main boss of the European campaign in the mission Pylon.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

The Northern Pylon has three tiers of health which must be depleted for a victory, and throughout the battle it will be aided by various waves of Resistors. During the first tier, the Pylon is open to attack; Artillery Weapons are effective here. When the Pylon is not being attacked, it will attempt to charge up a powerful laser. The charge process can be interrupted by attacking. When the first tier of health is depleted, the Pylon will generate a shield that makes it invulnerable, but leaves its six legs exposed. At this time, an electrical storm attack like the one in Airfield may occur, but can be easily dodged. Destroying all six legs will deplete the second tier. The Pylon is most vulnerable during the third tier of health because it is immobile and its shield has fallen into disarray. After the third tier is depleted, the Pylon is destroyed.

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