Muerte Fiesta Numero 6
Type Shotgun
Rank Requisite 15
Slots 1
Damage 108
Range 75 (200)
Fire Rate 10
Clip Size 6
Abilities Slug


An infamous six shooter named after one of the most whacked-out songs to ever make its way onto Mexican radio.


Store: N/A

Mission: Survial Mode - Settlement (5)

Player NotesEdit

  • The Muerte Fiesta is a powerful shotgun boasting the highest damage possible against one target!
  • The Fiesta shotgun boasts the highest DPSPS in the game with 88.76. Thusly, the highest DPS weapon setup possible is 6 Muertes in the assault mech.
  • Thanks to the immense DPS this weapon is the best weapon against single targets.
  • The Fiesta has 200 range despite its tooltip incorrectly stating 75.