The Mobile Trench is a mechanical walking platform invented by Frank Woodruff after his exposure to the Broadcast. Initially devised as a means of allowing war veterans who lost their legs to walk again, Trenches were weaponized to combat the Monovision menace. The Mobile Trench Brigade, an elite military force compsed of Trench pilots and commanded by Woodruff, is based on the U.S.S. McKinley.


Mobile Trenches possess several distinct components, each providing the Trench with the means to attack enemies and defend itself and strategic installations. Along with these basic components, all Trenches are equipped with a full bar, cigar humidor, latrine, and many other necessities.


Weapons are the Trench's means of directly attacking enemies. There are several types of Weapons:


Emplacements are turrets that the Trench can deploy which perform a wide variety of functions independently of the Trench itself. There are three types of Emplacements:


The core of a Mobile Trench is the body of the machine itself. The Core can be customized to suit a variety of situations.


The Chassis is the base of the Trench. The type and number of Weapons and Emplacements that a Trench can carry are determined by the model of Chassis. There are three main types of Chassis:

Paint JobEdit

The Paint Job of a Trench determines its outward color and/or camouflage pattern. Paint Jobs have no effect on a Trench's offensive or defensive capabilities and are purely cosmetic. Any Paint Job applied to one's Trench will also be applied to one's Emplacements as well.


Legs allow a Trench to move. Different models of Legs can have different abilities. There are three main types of Legs: