Massive Magnet Launcher
Type Grenade Launcher
Rank Requisite 16
Slots 2
Damage 36
Range 100
Fire Rate 40
Clip Size
Abilities Cluster/Magnet/Shock


With grenades that have both magnetic and cluster properties there's honestly no excuse for missing your target.


Store: N/A

Mission: Survival Mode - Settlement (15)

Player NotesEdit

  • The magnet effect of the cannon only applies to the clustered grenades after the intial grenades explode. The shock effect occurs in both the initial blast and with the cluster grenades. Each cluster grenade splits into 3 homing projectiles that detonate after a certain distance, or when it hits an enemy.
  • One of the better grenade launchers for only 2 slots. The blast radius that causes shock to enemies caught in it allows for crowd control and time for turrets to take them out while they are stunned.
  • If the enemy is already shocked, the cluster projectiles will home onto an enemy who is not stunned, making it very effecient with it's shock and magnet combination.
  • This grenade launcher is especially effecient when dealing with aerial enemies. Even beyond the distance of the initial explosion, the cluster projectiles can home onto the flying enemies and explode. If the explosion does not kill them, the shock effect will stun them.