M1600 Spurt Rifle
Type Sniper Cannon
Rank Requisite 10
Slots 2
Damage 26
Range 1000
Fire Rate 14
Clip Size 4
Abilities Burst


The M1600 was created by Engineer Christoph Jurney. Its Spurt Fire mode helps even the worst snipers in Mobile Trench Brigade apply steaming lead to their targets' faces.


Store: $3000

Mission: Swamp, Mars Landing

Player NotesEdit

  • The M1600 feels a lot like a Nasty Baby that fires faster. It's 3-round bursts quickly compound it's seemingly measely damage, and the fact that it fires automatically instantly makes the M1600 perfect for taking out groups of Resistors and Tommys from long range, while also being good against Blitzers up close.