Lieutenant Archie
Type Machine Gun
Rank Requisite 3
Slots 2
Damage 7.5
Range 100
Fire Rate 20
Clip Size 8
Abilities Flak/(Explosive)


A rare and powerful medium range, anti-air splash damage cannon. The plans for this unique weapon were torn form the Gizzards of the Northern Pylon. A few coats of paint and you'll be ready to slap this sucker right on your trench.


Store: N/A

Mission: Refinery, Pylon, Oasis

Player NotesEdit

  • This and its more powerful counterpart are the only explosive flak machine guns in the game
  • The Lieutenant Archie is among the three two-slot machine guns in the game
  • The ammunition knocks back enemies due to being explosive and allows the player to tear off Breaker shells
  • There's a typo in the weapon description, where it says 'form' instead of 'from'.