The Knob is a Monovision creature in Iron Brigade. They are frequently spawned by Berthas, and excel at destroying Turrets and overwhelming defenses. Individually, Knobs are virtually a non-issue, but when they gather into packs (which is how they are traditionally encountered), they can become a formidable threat.

They emit a tell-tale rumbling, which many Mobile Trench Brigade soldiers have likened to a series of rapid belches, when they emerge from a Conduit. Knobs spawned by a Bertha make no such noises upon their appearance.

A Knob's only attack is self-destruction; they explode in a burst that causes small amounts of damage. Sadly, Knobs are never encountered in groups smaller than ten or so; in such packs they can do catastrophic damage to base defenses.

Knobs roll quickly like a carpet of mobile mines, actively trying to seek out and destroy turrets. They will generally only target Trenches or Objectives if there is no other available target.

Tactics for DisposalEdit

Knobs are small targets, and exceedingly fragile; in general one or two bullets from any weapon will kill one, and they drop very low amounts of Scrap. In spite of this, Knobs are a dangerous target and must be prioritized; they can do a lot of damage to turrets, and the loss of a high-level turret such as a Mortar, Sniper, Laser, or high-level Flak or Shotgun turret can quickly cause a slippery slope that is difficult to recover from. They can also do considerable damage to objectives or trenches, but they tend to damage these only as a secondary target, favoring destroying turrets above all else.

Knobs are especially vulnerable to rapid-fire weapons and weapons with an area-of-effect, such as Machine Guns and Broadcasters. Turrets that use these (or Laser Turrets) are often the best means of dealing with clusters of Knobs. In a pinch, explosive weapons, such as Grenade Launchers or Artillery Cannons, can do a bang-up job of disposing of clusters of Knobs.


  • Like all Monovision creatures, the Knob is named for an object or terminology common to radio and television; a Knob being another name for the dial on a radio or television set. The handle fits; Monovisions tend to incorporate TVs into their bodies.

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