HA-S "Razor Of the Gods"
Type Machine Gun
Rank Requisite 8
Slots 1
Damage 4.5
Range 200
Fire Rate 100
Clip Size 50
Abilities Flak+/Shredder+


Combining Shredding and Flak ammunition, this weapon breaks all of the safety recommendations set forth by the Trench Marine Doctrine of Warfare. Unleash a devastating storm of anti-air Scrap-generating bullets.


Store: N/A

Mission: Drydock

Player NotesEdit

  • The Razor of the Gods is just that when it comes to non-DLC weaponry. A machine gun boasting both Flak and Shred components and the second highest damage for a Machine gun before the DLC, this weapon tears through Tubes and allows the player to nimbly abuse both Flak and Shred effects as they fire.
  • Only combination of Flak and Shred in game.