Type Grenade Launcher
Rank Requisite 9
Slots 2
Damage 54.5
Range 100
Fire Rate 40
Magazine Size
Abilities Shock/Magnet+


"None shall run from the power of this weapon. Upon its creation six people wept for six days and on the final day the clouds formed the shape of a goat head against the moon. Lo to those who do not fear this weapon, for in unbelieving you will be undone!



Mission: Possible reward for completing the mission "Farnsworth"

Player NotesEdit

While nowhere near as powerful as the blurb implies, with merely adequate damage for its rank, the Sassy Basket does have the ability to stun enemies for just shy of long enough to reload the weapon (which means they aren't advancing or shooting back at you), and the fact that its shots are magnetic make it hard to miss. Use this weapon to hold the enemy still while your turrets, allies, or other weapons finish them off.

As a Grenade Launcher, it will naturally blast the armor off of a Breaker.