G0-0C4 "Baby Nasty"
Type Sniper Cannon
Rank Requisite 5




Range 1000
Fire Rate 33
Clip Size 8
Abilities Auto


A highly expensive variation on the Medium Sniper Cannon, this fully automatic sniper is a beast. Nicknamed after baby Frank Jr. who could vomit as fast as this gun shoots.


Store: $1000

Mission: Oasis

Player NotesEdit

  • The Baby Nasty is the first sniper to sport the 'Auto' ability, which makes it automatically shoot when the trigger is held.
  • Because it's automatic, the Nasty Baby is increadibly useful for quickly putting down a single target, such as a Snipe Tuner. An additional plus is that each shot also knocks the Tube back, which can help hold them off a little longer. It's best to think of this Sniper Cannon as more like an assault rifle - a weapon that can do several things, but not as well as a specialized one, for instance a machine gun or other sniper cannons.