Frank Woodruff is the inventor of the Mobile Trench and the commander of the Mobile Trench Brigade in Iron Brigade.

The Great WarEdit

Frank Woodruff served as an American soldier in The Great War until he was run over by an enemy tank and lost his legs. Wanting to continue serving his country, Woodruff was reassigned to a radio listening post in the Pacific, where he met Vladimir Farnsworth. During their service at the listening post, Woodruff and Farnsworth were exposed to the Broadcast and were the only known survivors of the phenomenon. Woodruff gained a remarkable technological insight from listening to the Broadcast and applied his new ability to design and construct mechanical walking platforms to allow incapacitated war veterans like himself to walk again.

The Monovision MenaceEdit

After Farnsworth invented the Monovision and began his campaign for global conquest, Woodruff took action. In 1926 Woodruff created the Mobile Trench Brigade, a military force comprised of Mobile Trenches, weaponized iterations of his walking platforms.

Now older and confined to an iron lung aboard the U.S.S. McKinley, Woodruff leads the Brigade as it travels the world to defeat the threat of the Monovision and the Broadcast.