The Chassis is the base of the Mobile Trench. The model of Chassis installed on a Trench determines which and how many Emplacements and Weapons it can be equipped with, as well as how durable the Trench is and how fast it can move. There are three types of Chassis.

Assault ChassisEdit

Assault Chassis are geared towards direct combat with enemies. They have higher armor and consequently a slower speed. Additionally, they have more Weapons slots, as many as the maximum six, but Emplacements cost more Scrap to deploy and Assault Chassis have fewer Emplacements slots. Assault Chassis models include:

Standard ChassisEdit

Standard Chassis strike a balance between the heavy-hitting Assault Chassis and the support-oriented Engineering Chassis. They have moderate armor and speed. Weapons and Emplacements slots are generally evenly distributed. Standard Chassis models include:

Engineering ChassisEdit

Engineering Chassis are designed for a strictly support role on the battlefield. They have lower armor than other Chassis, but are slightly faster. Weapons slots are sacrificed for Emplacements slots, and Emplacements purchased while using this type of Chassis cost less Scrap.