There are several different hats and outfits that can be used to add a certain flare to your Marine. Hats control the salute of the player's marine.


Name Level Unlock Salute Left Salute Right
None 1 Thumbs Up Salute
PSI Goggles 1 Thumbs Up Hand Rotation
Private Helmet 2 Thumbs Up Salute
Trench Pot 2 Thumbs Up Rock
Chemical Mask 2 Bicep Curl


Trench Helmet 3 Thumbs Up Hand over Heart
Sailor Hat 3 Points Salute
Bowler Hat 4 Detonator Bicep Curl
Standard Helmet 4 Detonator Flex
Blast Cap 4 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Sergeant Cap 4 Bicep Curl Salute
Headset 4 Points Metal Salute
Pith Helmet 5 Detonator Waves Hi
Desert Hat 5 Points Paper
Red Bandana 6 Bicep Curl Peace Sign
Flight Helmet 6 Points Points
Sunglasses 7 Bicep Curl Detonator
Gas Mask 8 Thumbs up High Five
Tiki Mask 8 Bicep Curl Vulcan Greeting
Special Forces Helmet 9 Detonator Hand Over Heart
Medical Mirror 10 Point Idea
Top Hat 10 Detonator Hand Over Heart
Dress Hat 10 Point "V Off"
Battle Hair* 11 Metal Salute Metal Salute
Space Cap 11 Extends Arm

Extends Arm

Brain Bucket 13 Telekinetic Pointing Hand to Head
Sombrero 13 Point and Shoot with Hand Point and Shoot with Hand
Welding Goggles 14 Flex Flex
Blackmore Flat Cap 15 Form hands into a container/deck and separate
Robot Helmet 15 Raises arm bent at elbow up then down Raises arm bent at elbow up then down
Welding Mask 16 Flex Flex
Cowboy Hat 19 Point and Shoot with Hand Point and Shoot with Hand
Fez 20 Raises finger to lips Holds hand up in secretive manner, four fingers, thumb in palm.


Name Level Unlock
Raz Sweater 1
Standard Uniform 1
Battle Shirt 2
Anchor Shirt 2
Overalls 3
Flak Jacket 4
Field Officer Jacket 4
Bomber Jacket 5
Special Forces Jacket 5
Ghillie Suit 5
Trench Armor 5
Hunter Jacket 5
Radio Jacket 6
Aviator Jacket 6
Regiment Coat 7
Chemical Jacket


Ripped Shirt 8
Dress Uniform 10
Tuxedo 10
Scrubs 10
Space Suit 11
Roadie Jacket* 12
Bulletproof Armor 13
Mandolier 14
Robot Costume 14
Bare Vested 18
Smoking Jacket 19
White Tuxedo 20

  • = One time only event outfit and hat based on Eddie Riggs