Two Beakers one with the shell the other without it.

The Breaker is a Monovision creature in Iron Brigade.


Breakers are durable enemies equipped with an armored shell. This shell can only be broken by explosive Weapons and Emplacements, after which the Breaker is vulnerable to machine guns and can be destroyed. However, when said armored shell is broken they gain a boost to speed that can be slightly tricky if a group is unshelled. Explosive weapons that will remove a Breaker's shell include artillery cannons, grenade launchers, and the "Rosie" explosive shotgun. Broadcasters can also be used to kill a Breaker without first removing its shell. Breakers drop some Scrap when their shell is broken and a moderate amount when they die.

Survival StrategiesEdit

These enemies are durable but slow and can be eliminated easily in many ways. 

  • Placing mines in their path.
    • They instantly pop the Breaker shell, and if placed just right will kill them aswell.
    • This method is much more effective with Shock mines in combo with machine turrets, since they will blow the shell, also shocking the breaker, and then killing it with machine gun turrets.
      • This is a good method for survival since it's effective in killing tubes in general.
  • Dampeners and Mortars together.
    • Great for taking out hordes of tube in general
  • Using Broadcaster, Artillery Guns, and Grenade Launchers in combo with machine guns, if wanted.
    • This method is the standard way to kill using only Trench Weapons.
  • Using Snipers, and Shotguns. (Least Effective)
    • The Breakers are resistant to bullets but still can be eliminated with these types of  guns.
      • Quickload is a huge help with this since the weapons are slow reloading.
      • The Gungir can kill the Breakers in about 1-2 shots each making it an effective option with the right Trench setup.