Type Shotgun
Rank Requisite 16
Slots 1
Damage 60
Range 50
Fire Rate 10
Clip Size 6
Abilities Explosive


"The mighty Hole Puncher gets its name not for the widely-known office supply of the same name, but from an angry man named Terry. He's in jail now."


Store: N/A

Mission: Survival Swamp (10)

Player NotesEdit

The Hole Puncher is a massively upgraded version of the BO-7T5 Rosie. It fires explosive shots. Though it has less range than a normal shotgun, it does lots of damage in a wide blast radius, making it good for crowd control against swarms of Aerials, Knobs, and Cathys. Being an explosive weapon, it can crack Breakers' armor.

It's excellent for close combat against groups, especially against tight clusters of enemies. It's especially valuable for Engineers, who can benefit from an explosive weapon in a one-slot format.

Like the Rosie, this weapon technically fires a grenade instead of a normal shotgun projectile. Kills with it will count towards Grenade Launcher kills on the player's stats page.