A trench fighting off an Amplifier

The Amplifier is a Large-Scale or Champion Monovision that was released in the Rise of the Martian Bear expansion. As of the expansion, it is the single largest and strongest Tube, eclipsing the Big Willie.

Whereas other large-scale Monos are equipped and prepared to go for the objective, the Amplifier has a very specific profile: obliterating Emplacements. It accomplishes this by getting close to one, then unleashing a powerful, disruptive energy burst. If there are no Emplacements to destroy, it acts as any other large-scale Mono, charging into battle before attacking the objective.

It should be noted that while Amplifiers are rather tall, they are often unable to damage emplacements that are placed on top of various scenery. They are also unable to damage any camoflaged emplacements.

While these Champions are big, they're not without fault.  Often times a minelayer will stop them in their tracks effectively rendering them useless.  They will go for the heavy emplacements first as they do the most damage.  If your emplacement is set where you can not walk they can not blow it up but will stand trying to get to it, also rendering them harmless.