The Aerial is a Monovision creature in Iron Brigade. They are the first airborne Monovision encountered by the Mobile Trench Brigade, and they are deceptively dangerous. Aerials attack in packs, moving together in a loose formation before assaulting their intended targets with barrages of energy-pulse fire. Of all the Tubes in Iron Brigade, Aerials are the most common cause of mission failures; they are also the most likely to attack targets other than their main (the objective) by simple virtue of the fact that they can fly.

Aerials emit a high-pitched whistling when they exit a Conduit, and traditionally attack in sizable flocks. Unlike other Tubes, they'll frequently have a member or two of their squad break off from their main target - the Objective - and attempt to engage a target of opportunity - either a Mobile Trench, or an Emplacement that cannot attack aircraft.

Like other small Tubes, there's multiple versions of the Aerial. The first version is encountered during the European campaign, and are the weakest, doing the least damage and being the easiest to destroy. The second is encountered in Africa, which has an angular appearance. The third is the Pacific version, which has a longer tail and claw-like wings. The fourth one, encountered only in Rise of the Martian Bear, has a reinforced body but otherwise resembles the Pacific variant.

Tactics for Disposal[edit | edit source]

Aerials have very little health; Flak weapons essentially exist for destroying them outright. Without these weapons, a number of other options exist; Grenades with the Magnet ability are extremely effective, as are any weapon with Ricochet. Lasers and high-powered broadcasters can cut entire swarms of them out of the air in one go. In a desperate emergency, an Artillery cannon can demolish an entire pack of Aerials given a lucky shot, but it's exceptionally hard to hit an Aerial - even one with a group - with the slow-moving artillery shell. At closer ranges, shotguns work tolerably.

For Emplacements, Flak Turrets, Machine Gun Turrets, and the rare Laser Turret are all exceptionally good at destroying Aerials. Regardless of what means you use to deal with them, don't allow Aerials to remain anywhere near an objective for long - if allowed to remain, they can inflict considerable punishment.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Aerial" is another word for "Antenna." Fitting, as the Tubes have names based on TV and Radio technology.

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