Admiral Archie

Admiral Archie is an upgraded version of the Lieutenant Archie.

"Fires a deadly volley of hot lava into the sky making it rain what some people have described as "basically hellfire.""


  • Rank Requisite: 16
  • Damage: 20
  • Range: 100
  • Fire Rate: 20
  • Ammo Count: 8
  • Slots: 2
  • Special Effect: Flak, Explosive


  • The Admiral Archie has a very short range for a machine gun, a very small magazine, and has noticable bullet drop, but it fires explosive shells that have a massive explosion radius and Flak Properties.
  • The shells from the Admiral Archie will explode either on impact or at the weapon's max range.
  • Being a Flak Machine Gun, it does half damage to ground targets. This renders it somewhat less-useful than other machine guns, but with its huge blast area, it can do much more damage at close ranges by simple virtue of the fact that it can hit multiple targets.
  • The shells of the Admiral Archie will destroy a Breaker's armor.